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A Fortress and a Legacy combines stunning historical accuracy with the pathos of a family torn by war. An exchange of letters between Knoxville native and B-17 bombardier Bud Perrin and his bride, a former Miss America contestant, gives this story heart and soul.

The book captivates readers with its portrayal of the cross-current of personal relationships set against the background of enlistment, training, and execution of bombing missions over continental Europe.

For videos and more about this featured book, please visit A Fortress and a Legacy.

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Welcome to WW2 Collection

Our Educational Section is devoted to learning more about the war with an interactive timeline, maps, and lists of POW camps, memorials, and more.

The Virtual Museum has a collection of photo albums, personally compiled and designed to honor a few of our heroes, and copies of YANK and Stars & Stripes.

In the Blog you can read through our posts about events during the war and current events about new findings and stories of veteran’s lives during and after the war.

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