Nazis open Dachau concentration camp.


German troops occupy the Sudetanland.


Jews are formally banned from public service, industry, the media and positions of authority in Vichy, France. Nighttime raids on London, Liverpool, the Midlands and Bristol occur.


The second 8th Air Force raid on Schweinfurt occurs. 60 bombers are lost on this “Black Thursday.” The film, 12 O’Clock High, depicts this mission. The U.S. 9th Army Air Force is formed to provide tactical protection for the 8th Air Force’s bombing raids.


The Desert Fox, Erwin Rommell, born on 11/15/1891, is forced to commit suicide at age 52. Allies liberate Athens, Greece. 8th Air Force attacks Cologne, Germany. Battle of Achen begins. Allies capture Belgrade.


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