Footprints of WW2

Footprints of WW2

Here is a collection of photos from the places that I have traveled, following the footprints of my uncle and all the soldiers who fought in WW2, plus other travels through Europe.

Postcards from London (2014 Trip)

Covent_Garden_London_Card London_Card_02 London_Card postcard_16
postcard_01 postcard_02 postcard_07 postcard_09
postcard_06 postcard_05 postcard_08 postcard_11

Brandenberg Gate

Brandenberg Gate Brandenberg Gate from Reichstag coupola Brandenberg Gate Close Up

1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium Then & Now

Berlin Olympic Stadium Map of the Olympic site Entrance to the stadium
Jesse Owens wins four gold medals at the games Hitler in the audience for track and field events Berlin streets decorated for the games
Inside the stadium Inside the stadium Swimming pool

Checkpoint Charlie

During the Cold War Reconstructed today U.S. soldier Russian soldier

Reichstag building

Reichstag “The German People” Inside the courtyard Backside

Memorial to the Murdered Members of the Reichstag

Dedicated to the victims of Concentration Camps Steel slabs Close up of the names of Concentration Camps

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall behind Reichstag Post Memorial to the victims of the wall, with graffiti Berlin Wall pavement today behind Reichstag Berlin Wall pavement today view from Reichstag