Photo Albums

We have taken old, crinkly photos, some of which were hidden in moldy albums, books and boxes, and using modern graphics and technology, designed “WW2 period looking” albums. Enjoy the pictorial renditions of the lives of some of the thousands that gave so much to protect us. The freedom we enjoy today results from God’s grace and the sacrifice of these heroes.



  • 2nd LT. Ross Wallace “Bud” Perrin, Jr.
  • Bombardier – Killed in Action
  • Part of the 381st & 532nd Bomb Groups
  • Served at Ridgewell Field: Essex, England from September 1, 1944 – December 11, 1944

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  • S/SGT. John H. “Corky” Moulton
  • Gunner
  • 535th Bomb Squad
  • Taken as Prisoner of War in Gneixendorf, Austria in 1944

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  • 2nd LT. Robert Armstrong
  • Pilot
  • 381st Bomber Group
  • Guinness World Record for Longest Consecutive Days of Daily Flying

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  • LT. William Palmer
  • Staff Sergeant
  • 381st Bomber Group
  • Stationed at Ridgewell in Essex, England

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  • LT. Robert Lane
  • 381st Bomber Group



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  • 2nd LT. Grover Blevins
  • 351st Bomber Group
  • Bombardier
  • POW until Liberated on May 4, 1945


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