Virtual Museum

Here we have compiled media libraries from publications, like Yank and Stars and Stripes, to my own personal photos taken on my own journeys around the world following the footprints of WWII.


Stars and Stripes

Publication of war news covering the years 1939-1945.


Magazine publication that was sent to fighting soldiers all around the world.

Misc. Publications

Prints and publications from different years and venues.

Photo Albums

Personally designed digital photo albums honoring the lives of a few of our heroes.

Training Yearbooks

Training camp yearbooks from various instructional sites across the U.S.


Photos and digital media of WWII related aircraft, war posters, videos, nose art, and more.


Organizations, like the 8th Air Force, compiled into maps and lists.

Footprints of WWII

Following the footprints of War World II. My travels through Europe and the U.S.

WWII Items

Items from the war, like, escape and evasion compasses and silk maps.

Museums, Monuments, and Cemeteries

Links to a few museums, monuments, and cemeteries honoring those from WWII.