1942 Battle of Midway Revisited

Those who have limited knowledge of World War II might not know about the story behind the Battle of Midway. The Battle of Midway is one of the most crucial points in American history. It was also one of the victories of the United States that was worth celebrating. The Battle of Midway is not your typical story where good battles against the evil. It was not the victory they were fighting for. It was the pride and honor of being an American.

On the quiet morning of June 4, 1942, roars of aircraft engines echoed through the air. The zooming sound of their wings filled the sky as the American troops gear up for battle. At that time, fear was an unknown word. Bravery was their only focus.

The Battle of Midway had begun.

Before the troops realized it, Japanese torpedo bombers zoomed through Yorktown at immense speed. Bombers swooped down from the sky like messengers of death. Their gleaming eyes spelled terror to the hearts of the brave US soldiers. They had no choice. It was like a battle between David and Goliath, only that this time, David had little chances of winning the battle.

Few Second World War battles illustrate a war between two worlds as well as the Battle of Midway. If the United States failed to stand triumphant in the battle, the course of history may have been different. We could not tell what our world would be if David failed to stand triumphant against the invading Goliath.

The US Navy was nowhere near half the size of the Japanese Forces. Despite the huge difference in numbers, it didn’t budge the will and the inner desire of the American soldiers to win the war. Their position of being the underdog fueled their desire to win. The soldiers had already risked everything they had and realized there was nothing for them to look back for. They had stepped into the battleground knowing that within a blink of an eye, their life could be taken away from them. But the idea of death didn’t bother them.

At the end, the Americans won the gruesome battle. Just like David to Goliath, the US Navy pummeled down the Japanese troops. The course of war was overhauled. They initiated the new beginnings themselves by having the Japanese forces feel the disgrace of being a loser. The United States gave Japan their first defeat in naval warfare in 300 years. This historic event is documented in this video:

The US soldiers have proved once again that it takes more than just numbers in winning a war. War is all about bravery and the will to carry on despite the odds.