2 Minutes

“One minute, two minutes… if you know how to make use of your time, you don’t really have to count.”

If you are given just 2 minutes to spend your life, how will you use it?

All of us face the challenge of time. Every single day, we face the truth that we don’t have control over it. What we have control over is how we make use of it, and thus, we have to make sure that we use our time wisely.

Most of us even complain of not having enough time, yet we have so many things to do. We constantly feel stressed when our responsibilities and obligations need to be fulfilled in such short notice. What we don’t realize is that, in this world, there are people who face the challenge of time much more than most of us do.

As shown in the video below, we can see that it only takes 2 minutes to prepare a war plane for battle. Imagine how hard it must have been, and how long it might have taken the military to train themselves on preparing a plane for a fight in just 2 minutes.

Most of us can’t even comb our hair or brush our teeth in 2 minutes. We can’t even take a shower or get dressed in just 2 minutes. We can’t even eat breakfast or drink coffee in just 2 minutes. But, how can they can prepare a plane in just 2 minutes?

The answer is simple. It is faith, hope and love. What trained the military to fulfill such a big responsibility in a short amount of time is their faith, their hope and their love for our country. They know that every second counts to make sure our country is given the freedom it deserves. Thus, they make sure that they spend their time wisely to serve our country and fellow countrymen.

Because of that 2 minutes, they were able to protect us, fight against the enemy and save our freedom. Because of that 2 minutes, we have been freed from fear, and we are now living our lives in peace. Because of that 2 minutes, we no longer have to cry over lives lost or living our lives in darkness.

It took them only 2 minutes to prepare their plane for battle but in exchange, we have an endless, eternal and undying claim to freedom.