A FORTRESS AND A LEGACY…A View of the Cost and Value of Freedom

635694585766949400-web-pic-Ross-GreeneMany WW2 books only chronicle battles, missions and war statistics. The recently published book, A FORTRESS AND A LEGACY, is truly different and early reviews indicate it is not just different, but distinguished and deliciously spellbinding. The author gives an overview of the book in an interview on Knoxville station, WBIR-TV, in the clip that can be viewed here.

The result of the discovery of 1000+ letters, squirreled away in the attic of a key character, Thelma McGhee Perrin, for over 6 decades and exhaustive research by the author, J. Ross Greene, FORTRESS contains enough history to develop story continuity with detailed but not verbose accounts of B-17 missions into the belly of the Third Reich in 1944. Hero, “Bud” Perrin, a bombardier, relates his blended angst and courage in war-time letters to Thelma. In her writing she tries to keep him calm as they both await the impending birth of their first child.

The riveting story has a number of twists and turns and paints a multi-hued picture of war-torn England and the emotionally suffering US. The author’s search for truth after six decades of mystery will capture the interest of all, from ones desiring a few- day beach read to the dyed in the wool WW2 enthusiast desiring an expanded understanding of the air war over Europe. The love story between Bud and Thelma will provide the glue that captivates readers of all genres.

An overview of the writing of A FORTRESS AND A LEGACY can be seen at http://afortressandalegacy.com/ . Printed and digital copies can also be purchased from this location.

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