A Pittance of Time – A Song of Remembrance

War is more than just a mere word. It has redefined and shaped the lives of millions across the globe. In history, war has taken the lives of many men and women but it is also the reason why most of us are here. War is not a one-way street. It has several faces. It all depends on which side you are on and how broad your perspective is as a person.

The Second World War is perhaps one of the bloodiest wars in history. World War II initiated war not only in a single region of the country, but all over the world. Millions of lives were lost. Millions of innocent people were slaughtered. Brave men and women risked their lives and took on the role of being the hero. They bravely waded through the front lines evading enemy attacks.

The war fought between two worlds was more than just a battle of two conflicting ideologies. It was a battle of pride and honor. It was not just a mere battle were the victor is rewarded with a medal. It was a battle worth fighting for. There were huge risks taken that could not lessen the value of life.

Men and women all over the world gave their all for their country. They realized that they could lose their lives in a snap. However, they knew that the outcome of the war was in their hands. They understood that they could either appear in history as the brave men and women who crossed enemy lines to defend the country or as those of the country’s worst failures.

Was World War II worth it? Were the countless deaths and hardships worth the price? Yes, it was. If the war ended the other way around, then the life that we know today would not exist. These brave people altered the course of history for good. Thus, one cannot simply undermine the contributions of our veterans. The video found here:

This song helps us reminisce the hardships experienced by these brave men and women. The song was written and performed by singer and songwriter Terry Kelly.