Anglia 94th Bury St Edmonds

“The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during war.”

-Chinese Proverbs quotes

In war, soldiers face terror. They face the pain of being away from the ones they love. They face the fear of their lives being put at risk. They face the agony of seeing death before their very eyes. No one has ever seen the dark side of life like soldiers have seen.

In facing darkness, the only salvation that these soldiers cling on to is the hope that they can save their people and their country. The light giving them strength and courage, is knowing that they are not alone, that there are people who stand by them, who support and trust them in their endeavor.

The soldiers at Anglia faced the terror of war. They had to work hard every single day to make sure that they were ready for each battle. Soldiers even worked overnight to make sure that their fight planes were properly conditioned. The fighter pilots had to fly no matter how the bad weather was. Despite all the odds they faced, they knew that they had to do it. They had to be strong and brave because their fellowmen and their country relied on them.

It was a blessing for the soldiers to have people who supported them. There were ordinary people at Anglia who put up a canteen to provide food for the soldiers. They tediously prepared a large amount of food for soldiers every day. Some of them even adopted the soldiers, caring for them like their own families. Even the children showed appreciation towards the soldiers. This may be a simple deed for these ordinary people, but it made a great difference and meant a lot to our brave warriors.

Their deeds inspired the soldiers to keep fighting for freedom and peace. And in the end, they were able to succeed and achieved it. Watch the full story here: