Fight for the Sky

“It will free man from the remaining chains, the chains of gravity which still tie him to this planet.
It will open to him the gates of heaven.”

— Wernher von Braun

Flying has evolved throughout the years. Planes have been built for transportation, for recreation, and even for protection. Planes serve different purposes for man but the most honorable of all is the Army Air Forces.

Since World War II, the Army Air Forces plays a vital role in protecting our country and people. Our military aircraft were developed to protect our country against enemies. They have been built to destroy and to conquer all enemy territories threatening our freedom and peace.

Our military aircraft has served its purpose well and that’s in large part to the hard work of our pilots. For our brave pilots, flying means freedom and peace. They fly to serve their motherland and fellowmen.

Their hard work and sacrifices should always be honored and never forgotten. We must honor our pilots who bravely fought and sacrificed their lives for us. We must remember their flights; their every fight in the sky. To relive the story of our pilots during World War II, watch this video below. The video is an Army Air Force special film project 157 showing a fighter’s pilot skills. The video also includes scenes of the activities of the 8th Air Force Fighter Command in Europe.

The Army Air Forces should always be honored and remembered. Let us always honor the heroism they have done for us. Let us always remember that they freed our country from the chains of violence and greed, and showed us a glimpse of heaven by claiming our freedom and peace.