GI Joe, Lillie and Son

 “Family is like branches on a tree. They grow on different directions yet the roots always remain as one.”


Family is salvation. It gives you strength in times of weakness. It helps you see the light in darkness. It gives you hope in despair. Family gives you the courage you need to face whatever trials or obstacles lie ahead of you. Family gives you a reason to believe in life and to fight for love.

Each one of us dreams of having our family by our side no matter what. May it be happiness or sadness, victory or defeat, war or peace; we wish to be with our family. Our family is our heart, our soul, and our driving force to fight against all odds.

A great story of family is the song “GI Joe” by John Bonsall. It is the story of an honorable soldier, GI Joe, who had to be away from his family to fight for freedom and peace. He wanted to give his family a better life and a better world, so he had to go to war. While he was facing cold war, his wife, Lillie, was waiting at home with the kids, praying for GI Joe’s safety. Lillie and their kids couldn’t do anything except to wish for GI Joe to be home safe and sound. After the war, GI Joe was able to come home to Lillie and their kids.

The war was over, but the memories of war still haunted GI Joe. During the nights he couldn’t sleep, Lillie comforted him. His family stayed by him and loved him until the day that GI Joe died. It turns out that John Bonsall was GI Joe and Lillie’s son.

The families of soldiers face one of the most unimaginable sorrows amongst all of us. While their beloved soldiers were facing war, they couldn’t do anything except to wish and pray for their safety. They didn’t know if their loved ones would go home alive or dead.

To all the families of soldiers, though their loved ones have departed, their memories will forever be cherished. Although they had to sacrifice being together, the families of soldiers understand well that it is for a greater cause. In the end, even if they lost the soldiers they deeply loved, they still had a memory worth keeping; of brave and honorable men who fought for their people and their country.

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