Soldier Deck of Cards

“Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand.”

-Thomas Aquinas


In life, when we are facing battles, we hold on to faith. Faith is our way to escape reality. It’s our way of hoping for something better to happen or wishing for suffering or hardship to end. Each one of us has our own way of proclaiming faith. We show our faith in many different ways, but sometimes, faith can be proclaimed even in the most unexpected way–like in a deck of cards.

In this video you’ll hear a story from 1778 of a soldier who, in a night of war’s terror, was praying to God and proclaiming his faith through his deck of cards. The story is an inspiration to all of us.

The story tells that the soldier was about to go to bed when his sergeant walked in. The sergeant saw the soldier sitting with a deck of cards spread out on his bed. He asked the soldier what he was doing and the soldier replied smiling, “I am about to say my prayers.” The sergeant, unbelieving what he saw, told the soldier that he thinks the soldier is about to play a game of cards. The soldier replied, “No Sir. If you let me, I will show you something. You see this deck of cards may seem ordinary to you but to me, it acts as my Bible.” Then, the soldier showed his sergeant how his deck of cards lets him spend time with the Lord.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below and hear the soldier’s inspirational story, which demonstrates to us that faith is truly about things which aren’t seen. For one to see faith and hope for freedom, it must come from the heart. And when it comes to these two things, no one has stronger faith and hope than a soldier. After all, who could see faith and hope in a deck of cards?