Remembering Our Victory

Joy is among the most sensational things one wishes to experience in life. It lights your life up, it changes the mood around you, and it fills your surrounding with positive energy. It’s something that you want to last, something you want to share with other people–especially your loved ones and your friends.

Imagine how much more fulfilling to experience joy in victory. It allows you and the people around you to remember that you fought well to achieve something that is certainly worth it.

This is one of the reasons why Americans celebrate Victory Day, also known as VJ Day. It marks the anniversary of their victory over the Japanese during World War II. Victory Day is a state holiday in Rhode Island and is celebrated on the second Monday in August every year.

Victory Day is not just about winning over the Japanese people, it’s about those American citizens who sacrificed so much to end the dreadful global war that threatened the existence of our country. It’s a way of honoring those soldiers who have sacrificed to bring the country to where it is today.

VJ Day serves as a reminder to many Americans that if they want to achieve something good, they have to make firm decisions. They have to make a good choice and follow one vision. So in the end, they’ll achieve something that they can truly be proud of.