Remembering The Heroes: RAF Bomber Command Memorial

It’s hard to repay the debt of human life. Actually, there is no real way we could ever repay it. These individuals died for the country’s democracy and freedom. Even today, where war still rages around us, soldiers continue to fight and die to keep the country’s freedom safe from those who wish to take it away from them.

So how do we remember these people? How could we repay the lives they have given for the country? Perhaps among the best things to do is to give thanks to those who fell in battle, because without their sacrifice, we would surely not enjoy the freedom we have now.

This is one of the reasons why the RAF Bomber Command Memorial was created. It was a way of commemorating those brave souls who served in Bomber Command during the war. It is a way of remembering the sacrifice of the RAF crew who played an important part in winning the War.

During the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial, Sir Stephen Dalton, Chief of Air Staff shared, “Many of those who gave us our freedom and to whom this memorial is dedicated cannot join us today, but their spirit is certainly here. With the building and unveiling of this magnificent memorial they will know that this Country and Commonwealth have shown them and the remaining veterans, that their service and raw courage had been recognized and that their dedication to doing their duty truly acknowledged. For their bravery and sacrifice which helped give us our freedom, we will never forget them – indeed, we will remember them.”

How that day was celebrated can be seen in this video: