The B-17 Bomber

“Only those are fit to live, who are not afraid of dying.”

-Gen. Douglas MacArthur

The B-17 Bombers are some of our bravest soldiers. Operating a bomber plane is very complicated and risky even just during takeoff. Who can ever forget the tragedy of the first B-17 bomber plane crashing upon takeoff in 1935?

The role they played for our freedom should be honored and valued. They underwent difficult training and mastered controlling a plane just to make sure that they hit their targets.

Here is a great video of the B-17 Bomber Takeoff Film. This video depicts how the first B-17 crashed on takeoff in 1935. It features the instructor, Capt. Kennedy, demonstrating the right way of controlling the B-17 plane. In just one simple mistake while preparing the plane, the plane crashed upon takeoff.

The lives these soldiers lived was very hard. They underwent intense and meticulous preparations to make sure that their planes were in good condition, and that they are well prepared to face each battle.

They accepted their fate and gave all of us a better life for the future. This is the very reason why they embraced their responsibility, to make sure that all of us can keep our lives and our freedom.