The Battle for Peace

“A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party loser.”

-William Shakespeare

All of us wish to live in a peaceful world and live a peaceful life. We all wish to live in a world where there is nothing to fear. We all wish to live our lives with the ones we love without worrying it might end soon. At the end of the day, we all wish to live in peace.

However, achieving peace is not at all easy. We have to overcome trials and obstacles in order to achieve the peace we wish to have. We need to have strength and courage to fight for peace.

When World War II happened, the people’s wish to live in peace was shattered. They faced the terror of war; facing horror they had never known, and suffering from the pain of losing the ones they loved. When World War II ended, all who suffered from it became victims, either losing their precious lives, or witnessing the death or their loved ones.

World War II could have ended in peace. It was on 1940 when the fate of World War II was put in the hands of two men; the newly appointed British Prime Minister, Winston S. Churchill and the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Edward Wood 3rd Viscount Halifax. Both of these men passionately believed in saving Britain from the nightmare of Nazi Germany, but they had opposing approaches of how to end the war. Halifax believed in securing a peace treaty with Germany, while Churchill believed that it was best to end war and secure victory.

The May 1940 War Cabinet Crisis serves as a notable memory in World War II. Peace could’ve ended war, but instead, it was decided to continue the war. World War II would’ve ended on 1940 instead of 1945, and many men would’ve been saved during those remaining 5 years.

In life, we are sometimes placed in difficult situation where hard decisions must be made. Making decisions that require sacrifices are the most difficult choices to make. We must stay strong and choose what’s best for us and for others. After all, that decision might be the salvation of a long-time crisis we have been facing, just like those in World War II.