The Flying Soldiers

“Courage, an independent spark from heaven’s bright throne, by which the soul stands raised, triumphant, high, alone.”


Soldiers wear different uniforms. They can be fighters, they can be sailors, and they can be pilots. No matter what uniform they wear, one thing is for certain− they come to the battle field to fight and to win.

A soldier is never defined by what he wears, but by what is inside of him. Inside every soldier is a brave man ready to challenge fate just to protect his country. He would do everything it takes, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

Some of our brave soldiers are the Anglia War Bombardiers. They are trained to fly and conquer the skies. Even without wings, they soar high above and protected our freedom.

One can never imagine how hard it must be to live the life of a flying soldier. They train themselves to take control of their planes and bomb their target areas. Behind that mission, there is always the fear of not hitting the right target and planes crashing to the ground. Only a brave soldier can ever stay focused and in control especially in a critical situation.

Here is a video which tells the story of the Anglia War Bombardiers of 1944. These soldiers woke up daily to prepare themselves for battle. They flew even without fighter escort and ended up losing the lives of many soldiers. One soldier from that event recalled how hard it was to keep control of the plane while seeing his fellow soldiers crash to the ground. It was a painful sight but then he knew in his heart he had to stay focused and fulfill his mission. In the end, he, along with other fellow soldiers, was able to fly home to victory, but carried the memories of the brave lost during the war.

They soared high to the skies, carrying the hope for freedom within their hearts. Though lives have been lost, these soldiers had even more courage to keep flying and fighting for freedom.