The Most Remarkable Pilot Heroes

“Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”


The life that a pilot lives is never an easy one. Pilots show bravery and heroism as they take control of their planes, just how birds take control of their wings. Once they take flight, not only must they protect themselves from falling, but also the people within their planes.

Every single day of their lives, our Air Force Pilots are dedicated to patrolling the skies and protecting our freedom. They work very hard; enduring a life away from their loved ones, undergoing vigorous training and preparing themselves mentally, physically and emotionally for a fight in the sky that will leave a mark in history.

The Air Force Pilots all over the globe are geared towards one goal: to become the best Air Force Pilots in the world. This is why every nation makes sure that they train their Air Force Pilots well to become the top of the pack. The Top 10 Air Forces of The World are chosen from a number of countries, with the basis of each country’s plane quality and pilot knowledge.

The basis for choosing the best among the best proves to us that the country and its pilots should work hand in hand to achieve the coveted titled. The country must provide a stable, reliable and good-quality plane for their pilots. The Air Force Pilots in return, should know the tricks it takes to win and survive every combat. Here is a video showing the Top 10 Air Forces of the World.

Our Pilots have proven that they can fly. They can fly for freedom, for loyalty and for love to their country. And whenever our Air Force Pilots take flight, they carry their fellowmen and country inside their hearts, so that all of us can taste the victory of conquering the skies.