The Ultimate Sacrifice

“You don’t get very far in life without having to be brave an awful lot. Because we all have our frightening moments and difficult trials and we don’t have much of a choice but to get through ‘em, and it takes a lot of bravery to do that. The most important thing about bravery is this—It’s not about not being scared, it’s about being scared and doing it anyway—that’s bravery.”

-Ysabelle Brave

Bravery— a word that perfectly depicts a soldier. Soldiers are brave because they know that they are going to war, but still they go without hesitation. They are honorable men who stand up for what they believe in, without knowing how things will end.

A soldier makes man sacrifices, more than anyone of us can imagine. They live a life of being nomads, traveling across a foreign land without knowing what fate awaits them. They have to endure a life without their loved ones; bidding their families goodbye and not knowing if they can ever say hello again. They face war; expecting the worst yet hoping for the best.

The bravery of a soldier is not just that of courage but of strength and the will to survive. They would fight against the enemy, and as long as they can and keep fighting for our country. They endure the pain and suffering of a long-ending battle to be able to come home rejoicing the victory of freedom.

Here is a video of the song “Foreign Land” by Krista Branch. She dedicates this song to the military which bravely fought and sacrificed their lives for their fellow men and their country. The song is in memory of brave men who went to war, made sacrifices and protected freedom for us all.

Our soldiers are an inspiration of what bravery truly means, and we should never forget or take that for granted. They were men, who were scared to go to war, but they did. And that’s what bravery is all about. They faced their fear and put their lives at stake, just to make sure we keep ours.