The Unbreakable 1936 Auto Assembly Line

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Saint Francis of Assisi

In life, we are not always blessed with the life we want. We cannot ask fate to give us the life we hope for. Though we may not have control over the lives we are given, we hold the control to live the life that we choose.

We all can achieve the life we dream of, if we strive hard to achieve success. It takes one’s drive, strength and perseverance to achieve the life he has always wanted.

In the world we live in, we can find opportunities to help us reach success. We can go after different jobs which we can use as a platform to achieve our goals. It’s just unfortunate that some of us would rather choose to sit and wait until a miracle happens instead of standing up and working hard.

The inspirational story of the 1936 Auto Assembly Line is a story about working hard in an effort to survive.

Before WWII happened, the Great Depression took place, attacking the world with an economic dark time. During that time, money was very hard to find and people needed to do all that they could, no matter how difficult it was, in order to survive.

The 1936 Auto Assembly Line is a story of a hard man’s work. The workers were brave men who endured filth, noise, and unbearable heat just to earn a living. They worked hard for what seemed to be a meager sum of money.

These men had to endure hard conditions, to the point that many workers collapsed at their work stations during a record-setting hot spell in the summer of 1936. The temperatures in the unventilated engine plant reached 115 degrees but instead of ensuring the safety of their workers, the management ordered them to keep working. They never gave up, but instead stay determined and kept working despite the difficulty.

The story of the 1936 Auto Assembly Line should serve as an inspiration for all of us. It is a story of courage, of strength, and hard work. Despite the difficulties reaching beyond their breaking point, the workers of the 1936 Auto Assembly Line stayed unbreakable.

They worked hard to do what was necessary and showed what was possible. In the end, they did the impossible and made history, and the legacy they’ve left is a treasure that no amount of wealth can ever measure.

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