This Week in WWII – 1st Week of June

Evacuation of allied troops from Dunkirk ends. Nazi planes strike airfields, industrial sites, and buildings in Paris. This successful German effort to damage France’s economy, reduce its military, and create terror in its population has a devastating psychological effect. Operation Dynamo – Evacuation from Dunkirk. Germans take Dunkirk. Grand total of escapees from Dunkirk = 338,226. After evacuation from Dunkirk, Churchill makes his “We shall fight on the beaches….” speech.

The provisional French government is established.

First Bombing raid on oil fields in Ploesti. Battle of Midway begins. American victory in battle of Midway marks turning point in Battle of Pacific. Four Nazi carriers are sunk. Battle of Midway ends. With the Battle of the Coral Sea, this marks the turning point in the war in the Pacific. Assassination attempt on Hitler in Paris by Polish resistance between Dirschau and Konitz

Allies capture Rome. Rome falls to the Allies, becoming the first capital of an Axis nation to do so. Operation Overloard – D-Day Allied Invasion of Europe. Stalag Luft 7A is opened.

Otto Frank returns to Amsterdam not knowing the fate of his family.


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