This Week in WWII – 1st Week of November


German troops occupy the Sudetanland.


Night-time raids throughout London and Manchester and fifteen airfields attacked. Germans postpone Operation Sea Lion until Spring of 1941. Jews are formally banned from public service, industry, the media and positions of authority in Vichy, France.


First flight of the P-51 with the new Rolls Royce Merlin engine.


Italy declares war on Germany. The Second 8th AF raid on Schweinfurt occurs. 60 bombers lost on this “Black Thursday” Film 12-O’Clock High depicts this mission. The US Ninth Army Air Force is formed to provide tactical protection for the Eighth Airforce’s bombing raids.


8th AF Attacks Schweinfurt Germany. Hitler first tells Speer of the coming offensive which will be known as the Battle of the Bulge. He states the need fot bridges to be intact at all cst. The Desert Fox, Erwin Rommell, born on 11/15/1891 was forced to committ suicide at age 52. Allies liberate Athens, Greece.