This Week in WWII – 4th Week of December


First flight of the B-24 bomber takes place. London police arrest New Years revelers shining torches at the statue of Eros, in contravention of Blackout regulations.


Hitler spends Christmas at the Bergdorf planning the continuation of the war. German air raids on London continue. President Roosevelt quoted saying, “the Axis not merely admits, but proclaims that there can be no ultimate peace between their philosophy of government and our philosophy of government.”


The Japanese capture Wake Island in the Pacific. Manila, in the Philippines, is declared an open city.


Roosevelt signs secret executive order authorizing the Manhattan Project, leading to the creation of Oak Ridge.


U.S. Third Army tanks relieve Bastogne. POWs at Stalag VIII-B (formerly Stalag VIII-D) at Teschen began their forced march through Czechoslovakia, towards Dresden, then towards Stalag XIII-D at Nuremberg and finally on to Stalag VII-A at Moosburg in Bavaria. 8th Air Force attacks Remagenn, Germany. 8th Air Force attacks Ludwigshaven, Germany.


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