This Week in WWII – 4th Week of July


First flight of the B-17.


Hitler tours Paris. Nazi attacks on Dover lead to the near destruction of the entire Defiant Squadron. Assassination attempt on Hitler: Count Fritz-Dietlof von def Schulenberg planned to shoot Hitler from a reviewing stand at a parade honoring Hitler. It was called off at the last minute. Hitler meets with his Generals at the Bergdorf to make plans for Operation Sealion, the Invasion of Britain.


Britain and Russia occupy Iran. Roosevelt freezes Japanese assets in the U.S. Goring instructs Heydrich to prepare for Final Solution.


Allies begin bombing Hamburg.


U.S. troops make an amphibious assault on the Japanese held island of Tinianin, the Mariana Islands. 8th Air Force attacks Mersberg, Germany.


General Carl Spaatz is ordered to bomb one of the targets: Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata, or Nagasaki as soon as weather permitted, some time after August 3. After delivering Atomic Bomb material to Tinian, the Indianapolis is sunk by Japanese torpedoes.