Until We Meet Again Aboard USS Arizona

Millions of American men and women have defended the country’s freedom through military service. The red, white, and blue colors of the American flag covering their caskets when they die shows the final tribute to these men and women who have fought to maintain the country’s liberty.

Dying for the cause of your country is truly a great honor, a reason why soldiers keep on fighting during wars. They are one of the best examples of patriots as they give their time, money, energy, and even their life for the good of the country. Their patriotic feeling is aroused whenever they feel there’s a threat in the country’s security.

Wars, although harmful for both sides, foster a spirit of unity among people. Perhaps that’s one reason why individuals who survived the World War II want to return to the USS Arizona when they pass so they can lie in peace together with 1,177 sailors and marines who died during the war.

The famed USS Arizona was a magnificent battle ship that was hit by a Japanese torpedo during the war. The ship exploded and sank after a few minutes. Many of those who died were trapped below deck.

Although the tradition of burial at sea is considered an ancient one, that is not what the survivors of the USS Arizona think. They believe that it is a tribute to the bond they have developed among their fellow seamen who served aboard the Arizona. Even after all these years, the survivors still wish to join their fellow seamen who rest for all eternity beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor.

To understand further how these men want to join their comrades when they die, kindly watch this video: