WW2 was undoubtedly a critical turning point in world history. Memories and memorabilia of this important period exist in: minds, homes, albums and museums across the globe…as well as in the new virtual environment we now enjoy. As a student of the causes, effects and people of the war, we have collected many items connected to it and are committed to making a visual experience of this collection accessible to like-minded history buffs.

Also, we want to share ideas and information with the growing group of us, infected by the irrefutable and unshakable desire to understand and appreciate both the war period and those heroic thousands who protected our republic and our world during those perilous days. Rest assured, we are sold out believers in the Constitutional mandate our government has to protect the U.S., as those heroic men and women did during WW2.

Please join us. Let us know how you feel about what we are doing.  Share your thoughts and items with us so we can, in turn, share with our other readers. Send a link to our site to those on your e-mail list so they too can enjoy this WW2 retrospective. Also, sign up (HERE) so we can inform you by e-mail about additions to our collection. (We will not share your address for commercial purposes)