World War II FLAK Training

“No one can stop you from getting to heaven, not even the sky.”


In life, we face different kinds of battles; battles against ourselves, battles against others and battles against nations. In war, our soldiers also face different kinds of challenges.

Our soldiers bravely fight in war for all of us. They fight endless battles to make sure our land is preserved as the land of the free. Our soldiers fight no matter how difficult it is to be away from their families, and no matter how painful it is to sacrifice their very lives, they keep fighting. They keep fighting to keep our country free and at peace.

Sometimes, our soldiers face the wrath of war. The enemy forces may sometimes be twice their size. The enemy forces may often have an advantage over them, but despite all that, our soldiers never falter. Instead, they keep working hard to ensure that every battle is won.

One of the most difficult battles soldiers have to face is the fight in the sky. When enemy air forces attack without notice, lives can be ended even in just a minute. We have all witnessed the havoc that enemy air forces can create in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This is the very reason why soldiers have FLAK Training. FLAK Training is training provided for air defense. It is also referred to as anti-aircraft warfare. In the simplest sense, our soldiers are tediously trained to fight against enemy air forces, even if they are on land.

The FLAK Training has provided our soldiers with the knowledge and skills they need to fight against enemy air forces. It gives our soldiers strength that they can fight in the sky, even without flying. You can watch the video here: