This Week in WWII – 3rd Week of November

The first barricades are erected around the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland.

Greece repels the Italian invasion and invades Albania, an Italian colony. Nazi attacks on Coventry. Romania enters the war with the Axis powers.
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Four Degrees of Separation From Hitler

For a decade or so a popular party game has been “Six Degrees of Separation.” Most commonly it has been connected to the actor Kevin Bacon…I.e., six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. The idea spawned a play of the same name in 1993. The theory of the game is that no two people are more than 6 acquaintances apart.[ReviewAZON name=”everett” id=”52″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”0814793665″ trackingid=”worwar2col0e-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″]

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