A Fortress and A Legacy

A Fortress and a Legacy combines stunning historical accuracy with the pathos of a family torn by war. An exchange of letters between Knoxville native and B-17 bombardier Bud Perrin and his bride, a former Miss America contestant, gives this story heart and soul.

The book captivates readers with its portrayal of the cross-current of personal relationships set against the background of enlistment, training, and execution of bombing missions over continental Europe.


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Four Degrees of Separation From Hitler

For a decade or so a popular party game has been “Six Degrees of Separation.” Most commonly it has been connected to the actor Kevin Bacon…I.e., six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. The idea spawned a play of the same name in 1993. The theory of the game is that no two people are more than 6 acquaintances apart.[ReviewAZON name=”everett” id=”52″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”0814793665″ trackingid=”worwar2col0e-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″]

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The Battle for Peace

“A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party loser.” -William Shakespeare All of us wish to live in a peaceful world and live a peaceful life. We all wish to live in a world where there is nothing to fear. We all wish to…

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Open Learning WW2 Harvard

 “World War II did not only teach us to fear, it taught us to hope. We must keep our hope alive by cherishing the memory of World War II, which is surely worth keeping.” -Anonymous All of us aim to live a peaceful life. We all want to live in a world free from terror,…

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