A Fortress and A Legacy

A Fortress and a Legacy combines stunning historical accuracy with the pathos of a family torn by war. An exchange of letters between Knoxville native and B-17 bombardier Bud Perrin and his bride, a former Miss America contestant, gives this story heart and soul.

The book captivates readers with its portrayal of the cross-current of personal relationships set against the background of enlistment, training, and execution of bombing missions over continental Europe.


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Anglia 94th Bury St Edmonds

“The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during war.” -Chinese Proverbs quotes In war, soldiers face terror. They face the pain of being away from the ones they love. They face the fear of their lives being put at risk. They face the agony of seeing death before their very eyes. No…

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GI Joe, Lillie and Son

 “Family is like branches on a tree. They grow on different directions yet the roots always remain as one.” -Anonymous Family is salvation. It gives you strength in times of weakness. It helps you see the light in darkness. It gives you hope in despair. Family gives you the courage you need to face whatever…

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Unexpected Friendship

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” -C.S. Lewis  In life, we face struggles, which sometimes seem unbearable, and the only way we can ever get through is having a hand to reach out too. By having someone at our…

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